Blue box - my weekly manga reading obsession

Almost 2 years ago now I started a little manga series called "Blue Box" without giving it much thought. But after having catched up with the first 20 or so chapters, suffering started.

Since then I've been waiting for the next chapter of Blue Box every week to come out (at least it's not as bad as waiting for new Yotusba&! chapters). I absolutely love Blue Box. I'd count it as one of my favourite manga of all time. A few months ago the first physical volumes started coming out finally! I own the first 4 volumes of the series right now and a special collectors box with volume 1&2 bundeled inside. Since I started reading this manga I've tried to convince every person i know IRL to give it a try but since not that many people I know are into anime and manga almost no one gave it a try. So now that I have my website I can start shilling the manga here instead.